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Getting the marbles rolling within your company

Finding motivated staff in today's job market is a challenge, not just in the logistics sector but also in hospitality, festivals, catering, and more. The last thing you want is to be distracted from what you truly excel at: your core business. With our extensive experience across various sectors, we precisely understand what's required. We ensure a seamless flow of personnel, keeping your operations running smoothly and keeping customers satisfied.

Rij knikkers

Why you choose us

No conflicting interests

We're loyal and avoid conflicts of interest among clients. Our focus is on you and your needs.


We operate with a clear cost model and a fixed fee. This way, our costs remain transparent, and our margin doesn't change unexpectedly with wage increases.

Refocus on your core business

From finding the perfect candidates and their swift payment to handling scheduling and all communication, we entirely alleviate the hassle of job vacancies.

Recruitment and retention of new demographic

Not just the logistics sector but also young people looking for flexible part-time jobs across various industries. With our unique blend of flexibility and structure, we offer benefits for both employers and employees. We not only recruit motivated staff but also ensure they stay.

Future-proof and compliant

In the current, evolving market where the situation with freelancers is becoming increasingly complex due to recent legal decisions, Knikkers Uitzendwerk stands out. We are 100% compliant with all legal standards and guidelines. Collaborating with us not only guarantees a smooth flow of personnel but also peace of mind in a rapidly changing legal landscape. Opt for certainty, choose future-proofing.

Wondering what we can do for your business?

Send us a WhatsApp or an email. We will then contact you. In this contact we will discuss what our added value can be for your company

Frequently asked questions

Quality is paramount to us, and we guarantee this in several ways:

  • Recruitment and selection: We maintain a rigorous recruitment and selection process, selecting candidates based on skills, experience, and personality.
  • Training: When necessary, we offer training and courses to temp workers to enhance their skills.
  • Feedback: After each placement, we request feedback from both the temp and the client. This helps us to continually improve.
  • Dedicated contacts: Each client is assigned a dedicated contact to ensure smooth and efficient communication.
  • Regular evaluations: We conduct frequent evaluation discussions with our clients to ensure we meet their expectations and to address any potential areas for improvement.

Through this approach, we aim to consistently achieve the best match between temp worker and client and to guarantee a long-lasting, quality collaboration.

Yes, that's possible. However, we kindly request that you withdraw services as early as possible to prevent any inconvenience for the temp worker and the scheduling process. Depending on when you withdraw, there might be associated costs. For detailed information on this, it's best to get in touch with your account manager or review the general terms and conditions.

Services can be submitted via the Knikkerbaan portal. After logging in, you can navigate to the dedicated section for clients and input or modify your services there. If you require assistance, our support team is always ready to help.

The rate we use consists of different components. Firstly, there's the gross hourly wage of the temp worker. Added to this are employer burdens such as social contributions and pension contributions. Additionally, the rate includes a reservation for holiday pay, short-term absence, and vacation days. Lastly, the rate contains a markup for our services, which include recruitment, selection, and administration.