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Our story

This one is for all the marbles

It shouldn't always be for all the marbles. Our college years taught us the balance between enjoying life and the necessity of paying bills. We witnessed the struggle with inflexible part-time jobs and slow payments that didn't help in alleviating the growing student debt.

This led to the creation of KC Studentenwerk. For five years, under this brand, we provided solutions in recruitment & selection, emphasizing flexibility and weekly payments. But for us, that was just the beginning. We aimed for even quicker payment processes and clear flexibility.

Thus, Knikkers Uitzendwerk was born. With our Cash Out button, we offer a unique payment speed, granting you immediate access to your earned salary right after your shift. In the KnikkerBAAN, you can choose each week when you want to work - ultimate flexibility.

We've broadened our horizons. No longer catering exclusively to the logistics sector, but now also serving industries such as hospitality, festivals, catering, hospitality, production, and order picking. Our diverse range of clients provides opportunities for every job seeker throughout the Netherlands. Whether you wish to work in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night, we make scheduling simple.

Kleurrijke vallende knikkers

Current customers

  • Active Ants B.V.
  • Arbies Beach House B.V
  • Barracuda international B.V.
  • Bistro St. Sjaak
  • de Bonheur Horeca Groep B.V.
  • Cleanroom systems international B.V.
  • Crewfood B.V.
  • Draaimolen Festival B.V.
  • Festival van het Levenslied
  • Hospitality Partner B.V.
  • Matrasatelier / E.S.D.H. B.V.
  • Max Horeca B.V.
  • One for the Road Catering B.V.
  • One of the guys B.V.
  • Radial Netherlands B.V.
  • Spectrum AV B.V.
  • Textaafoam B.V.
  • Het Valkhof festival
  • WiSH Outdoor B.V.

Current locations

  • Roosendaal 
  • Nieuwegein
  • Ommen
  • Tilburg 
  • Groningen 
  • Eindhoven
  • Nijmegen
  • Drunen
  • Oldenzaal

Wondering what we can do for you? 

Send us a WhatsApp or an email. We will then contact you. In this contact we will discuss what our added value can be for you.