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Discover the Winners of Knikkers Uitzendwerk

Where passion, ambition, and work converge

Knikkers Uitzendwerk is proud to introduce our "Winners" program - a unique service that combines passion, knowledge, and ambition in well-paying opportunities. This initiative is specially designed for motivated students who want more than just a regular part-time job. Our "Winners" take on positions that closely match their field of study and personal interests, making it not just a job, but also a preparation for their future career.

Our matching formula is the key to our success. We match students to positions based on their education, skills, and ambitions. This ensures that each "Winner" finds a role that offers not only professional growth and development but also competitive compensation.

The result is a win-win situation: students gain valuable, hands-on experience while employers gain access to motivated and specialized talent.

Take a look at our "Winners" position vacancies below and find the opportunity that will give your career a flying start or the specialized talent that will boost your organization. Don't wait any longer and join Knikkers "Winners"!

Please note: If the position you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.